Live Angel Investment Session

In collaboration with Dubai Angel Investors, TiE Global Angels and TiE India Angels, three pre-vetted startups will present and will be invested in, in a live and educational session.

The Business of Food

Over the last few years, the restaurant industry has reinvented itself as various formats find a way to survive, revive and grow. With a growing appetite for delivered food, the cloud kitchen industry is at an inflection point. Join our panelists as they answer the big question: what’s cooking?

Catalysts of Innovation – Enabling Ecosystems

Accelerators and incubators are now key operators in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, fostering collaboration between researchers and investors, and circulating ideas, capital, and technologies. Join our panelists as they speak on behalf of some of these catalysts and share their stories.

From Student to Startup

Student entrepreneurs discuss companies, dreams and the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship

Decoding the Metaverse

The convergence of AR, VR, and other digital technologies with physical reality, has the ability to radically shift the way we connect with and experience the world around us. What’s the promise of a fully manifested digital world that exists beyond the analog one in which we live? How could such technologies disrupt and augment […]

Building Regional Powerhouses

The terms of engagement in the Middle East are changing as innovative business models and startups prioritize investment in the economic and human prosperity of the region. Moreover, the pandemic has provided a shot in the arm for some organizations to take unprecedented actions and create far reaching impact. Our panelists discuss how some of […]

The Changing Face of Fintech

We are witnessing a paradigm shift in the way that we interact with currency, from saving to borrowing to investing. As more and more fintech startups emerge, the financial industry and traditional banking are changing for ever. Our panelists discuss the rise of fintech, the integration of emerging tech within financial services, and the future […]

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